There are around 6,000 farms located in the state of Massachusetts, with the average farm size being around 68 acres. However, these farms often struggle and more than half of them grossed less than 2,500 dollars in 2007, with recent years only faring marginally better. The state ranks 47th nationwide for agricultural production and 39th for crop production. The majority of its agricultural industry is based on growing crops, and greenhouse or nursery plants are the major crop produced within the state. There are numerous other crops found here, and the unique soil and climate combination allows for the state to grow some crops that won't do well in other areas.


Cranberries in particular are one of the chief crops found in the state, making up around 15 percent of its total agricultural output. It's actually the second largest producer of cranberries in the nation. Along with cranberries, other crops that thrive here include nuts, tobacco, sweet corn, and apples. Hay is also a major crop, but not as widely grown as the previously mentioned crops. Dairy livestock plays a minor role in the overall agricultural industry of Massachusetts, at around 12 percent of the total income revenue in the industry.